100% Clean Deodorant
100% Clean Deodorant
100% Clean Deodorant
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100% Clean Deodorant

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Neutralize odor. Non-staining. Absorbs moisture.
Body odor is embarrassing. I tackled this daily-use, gender-neutral formula using a 4-prong compounding approach to combat each symptom and proper ratios of each 100% all-natural organic ingredient; baking soda to neutralize odor; castor oil because it contains a critical fatty acid in the form of a zinc salt that absorbs odor; sage oil to kill odor-causing bacteria; tapioca starch for its potent moisture absorbing ability. 

Most deodorants use synthetic ingredients and fragrance to mask odor and don’t absorb the bacteria-laden body moisture. This unique formula not only prevents, but also protects, and neutralizes body odor, it leaves you (and your clothes) residue-free. 100% Natural Deodorant is the exception to the traditional—and it’s exceptional.

 What makes Dr. Lily's 100% Clean Deodorant special?
  • Most natural deodorants work based on one mechanism of action which is usually baking soda or magnesium hydroxide. Dr. Lily's 100% Clean Deodorant works based on 4 mechanisms of action for maximizing protection against odor and wetness.
  • Made with natural, Organic, Or certified ingredients to ensure the highest quality.

  • Most natural deodorants leave oil stains on clothes. Dr. Lily's 100% Clean Deodorant is specially formulated to not stain your clothes.

  • Long-lasting formula that you don't have to reapply during the day

  •  The ideal formula for the entire family including, teenagers, adults, expecting and nursing moms,...

  • Made with a natural fragrance that smells like a fine fragrance but without nasty ingredients. Our Natural fragrance oils made in a laboratory but rather than being made from synthetic materials are created by isolating the natural aromatic components from a complex scent such as rose or orange. these single scents are called isolates. our natural fragrance oils are blends of isolates that are extracted through the same process that are used to get essential oils.



              Coconut MCT Oil [Origin: USA],
              Sourced from organic coconut oil is an emollient that softens underarm skin. it also has antibacterial effects to combat body odor
              zinc Recinolate[Origin: Germany],

               It's a Zinc salt of castor oil which is a potent natural deodorizer.

              Sage Oil [Origin: Germany],
              It's an antibacterial that kills bad bacteria causing odor underarm.
              Baking Soda [Origin: USA],
              Is a potent ingredient to combat odor. It can be irritating for some skins. That's why we use a small amount of baking soda fortified with kaolin(detoxifier)

              Cetyl Alcohol [Origin: USA]
              Is a fatty alcohol that occurs naturally in plants and animals. Our cetyl alcohol is NPA( Natural Products Association)-approved and derived from coconut palm trees. It is used in our deodorant to help hold the deodorant together into an easy non-waxy glide-on stick.

              Carnauba Wax [origin: Brazil]

              Is a wax of leaves of carnauba palm a plant native to Brazil. It has melting point. So, we added it to our deodorant to make it solid in hot summer temperatures during shipment.

              Triethyl Citrate [Origin: Grmany]

              A non-toxic, eco-friendly, and nature-derived ingredient. It is an excellent deodorizer by inhibitinging the enzymatic decomposition of sweat. 



              FULL INGREDIENTS:

               *MCT Oil(caprylic Capric Triglycerides),*Tapioca Starch,***Cetyl alcohol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Copernicia Cerifera(Carnauba) Wax, kaoline clay, **zinc ricinoleate, **Triethyl citrate, **Cetearyl Olivate (and) Sorbitan Olivate, **Glyceryl Caprylate; **Benzoic Acid, **Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactylate, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil, Natural Fragrances.

              • * USDA Certified Organic Ingredients
              • **Ecocert-approved ingredients
              • *** NPA( Natural Products Association) approved



              Tips for optimizing your experience with Dr. Lily Ros Organics Deodorant:
              • Detox period; If it's the first time you are using Aluminium-free deodorant, you may experience a detox period( excessive sweating, more odor,...) It can take your body up to 2 weeks in order to adjust to Dr. Lily's deodorant. Most people are able to make the switch instantly and successfully.
              • Apply after cleaning your underarm
              • Rub thoroughly. If you see excess deodorant under each arm, simply rub it. rubbing Dr. Lily Ros Organics' deodorant will moisturize your skin and provide better protection.