Dr. Lily

Meet Dr. Lily Ros, a visionary registered pharmacist who has crafted an exceptional line of all-natural, plant-based skin and body care, and makeup products under her namesake brand, Dr. Lily Ros Organics. Combining her extensive pharmacology experience with a passion for cosmetics, Dr. Ros works diligently in her very own laboratory, formulating and compounding her line of products, which are truly ‘bench to body’ skin care.

With a sharp understanding of health and beauty products, Dr. Ros is well aware that claims of “botanical” or “all-natural” do not necessarily translate to safer products.

She understands that using the wrong ingredients in the wrong ratios can cause irritation and damage to the skin. During her pregnancy, Dr. Ros became more mindful of what she applied to her skin, leading her to embark on a mission to create a range of daily use products that were both effective and luxurious. By using only 100% organic botanicals, Dr. Ros has crafted a line of products that not only feel great on the skin, but are also healthy and safe.

Dr. Lily Ros brings a unique skill set to her work as a registered pharmacist, combining a meticulous approach to ingredient selection and editing with a keen ability to assess the interactions and efficacy of various components. This expertise has given rise to her brand’s philosophy of “works + clean + organic,” which is guided by five key principles.

  1. Clinically supported ingredients
  2. Optimal extraction method for maximum efficacy
  3. High oil/lipid content and oil soluble actives to maximize absorption.
  4. Ingredients sourced from the most optimal environment
  5. Formulated using only sustainable ingredients

Once the ingredients have been selected, Dr. Lily Ros begins her meticulous process of crafting each formula. She uses her proprietary bases to optimize the potency and penetration of each ingredient, enhancing their efficacy and ensuring that every component serves a distinct purpose. With a firm commitment to clean and organic ingredients, her products are entirely free from fillers, silicons, paraffin, petroleum, and synthetics.

To ensure that every product is of the highest quality, Dr. Ros compounds and tests small-batch quantities of each product in her own laboratory. This hands-on approach allows her to refine each formula until it achieves the perfect balance of effectiveness and luxury. As one of the first pharmacist founder/creators of bench-to-body skin and makeup collections, Dr. Ros is a true pioneer in the field, dedicated to delivering products that are not only safe and healthy, but also effective and indulgent.

Dr. Ros continues to innovate, her mission for safe, clean, 100% natural organic skin care, body care and makeup collection.