Meet Dr. Lily


Meet Dr. Lily Ros, a practicing registered Pharmacist and the creator of her namesake all-natural, plant-based skin and body care, and makeup collection, Dr. Lily Ros Organics. Harnessing her pharmacology background, Dr. Ros researches, formulates and compounds from her own laboratory, literally creating a collection that is ‘bench to body’ skin care.

With a unique perspective on health and beauty products, Dr. Ros knows that “botanical” or “all-natural” claims doesn’t mean safer. And the right ingredients in the wrong ratios can irritate and harm skin.  Pregnant with her first child, Dr. Ros wanted to know what was putting on her skin each day was a safe and healthy choice so she applied her knowledge and set out on a mission to create a collection of daily use products that worked,
were clean and luxurious formulas using 100% organic botanicals, and made her feel good inside and out.
Her distinct ability to edit and methodically assess product ingredient choices, as well as their interaction and efficacy morphed into “works + clean + organic” and is guided using five principles:

  1.   Clinical data supports performance and efficacy of the ingredients
  2.   Extraction method ensures optimal potency
  3.   High oil/lipid content and oil soluble actives to maximize absorption.
  4.   Sourced from its most ideal environment / place of origin
  5.   Sustainable ingredient at its source

Once selected, Dr. Ros heads to her bench and thoughtfully crafts formulas using her unique, proprietary bases to optimize potency and penetration and to enhance efficacy.  Each and every ingredient always serves a purpose.  No fillers. No silicons.  No paraffin. No petroleum. No synthetics.

Dr. Ros then compounds and tests small-batch quantities of each product in her own laboratory before large-scale manufacturing begins, making her one of the first Pharmacist founder/creators of bench-to-body skin and makeup collections.  Dr. Ros continues to innovate, her mission for safe, clean, 100% natural organic skin care, body care and makeup collection.